Best Coast at Showbox Market

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It’s getting warm outside! And what better way to celebrate being outside more than with some great, beachy music courtesy of Best Coast. Their sound is relatively simple. Their execution is spot on. They know what they love and this passion comes through via a multitude of songs across several albums. Just press play on any of the more upbeat tracks, let your head bob and your foot tap as you chase the sun across the horizon. If you find yourself at one of their upcoming live shows you best not be standing still.

Best Coast front woman Bethany Cosentino said it best with a polite, “Let’s get into this groove together.”

In Best Coast’s live experience, each member of this 5-piece arrangement is focussed on the sound they’re adding. They have fun, they have fun, they have fun when please! Right? And even though they are varied, they complete the sound to help us groove.

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