Neon Trees at Showbox Market

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The opening tune “Songs I Can’t Listen To” was a great way to kick off the show in Seattle. Neon trees introduced the mood with vibrant sounds preceded by anticipation. The California-based rock band knew how to keep its audience eager about the new album Pop Psychology, and at the same time, anxious to hear popular songs. If music filled the crowd with energy as the lights were flashing, their best hit “animal” lit up the room with a frenzy of excitement.

When I think about neon trees, I think about pop rock with a touch of humor. I loved the concert because the lead vocalist, Tyler Glenn, kept everyone captivated by his eccentric moves. The stage was set up in a way that mimicked Neon Trees’ culture: pop and color in all spectrums. The center of the venue pulled the energy inwards causing fans to scream lyrics of friendship and love.

Neon Trees knows the definition of love for music in the 21st century. This upbeat band kept Seattle singing, dancing and waiting for more. As a fan, I believe their music is getting more personal and eclectic. I hope to see them around for a long time to come.

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