Blondfire at The Cubby Bear

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If you’ve been paying attention to the breaking indie artists of the past year there’s a good chance you have heard the new hit song Where The Kids Are by Blondfire. It’s catchy. The entire 4-track EP is catchy. Although this brother sister duo have been writing music for nearly a decade, it seems that people are now catching on more than ever.

The live set included songs from their Where The Kids Are EP as well as their LP My Someday. The band played well together and sounded great. The tenuity of the venue and stage at The Cubby Bear unfortunately makes movement somewhat limiting for the artists. The venue is, however, very intimate and the sound isn’t bad at all.

My only real complaint about their set is that it was too short. Hopefully they’ll be back through Chicago soon and you can get the opportunity to rock out with Blondfire.

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