Broken Social Scene at Fox Theatre

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Broken Social Scene (BSS) may be a band you feel you should only put on when you want something chill in the background. And, yes, you certainly can do that as many BSS songs can be on the more delicate side of indie rock. But there’s a raucous and energetic side of the band that we mustn’t forget about. And for those who did need a reminder, one need simply check out one of BSS’s shows. 

The band stopped by Fox Theater in Oakland on Friday (09/30) and reminded the Bay Area how a collective of talented musicians can come together and play a genuine kick-ass rock show. The Canadian musicians (there were 8 performers for their Bay Area stop) are all gifted performers in their own right, but together they create a formidable sound and a memorable night. 

The band was lively and continually danced across the stage, some trading off and on different instruments. With so many band members on stage grooving and moving, the performance was visually busy, almost chaotically wonderful which suited their sound perfectly. It was great to hear their live show sounded almost as good as listening to them recorded. The live sound was immaculate and amazing to witness in person as you can truly see the amount of effort and talent in the band’s members. 

The musicians were playful and rocking out on stage even during their more chill songs (7/4 Shoreline). When the coin flipped and the music was more complex and energetic (Fire Eye’d Boy) the band  of course continued its party romp but kicked it up a notch. 

BSS can’t just be known as just a chill background band as they are clearly versatile in sound and throw a great party. Check out some snaps from the show!


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