Hozier at Eagles Ballroom

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Walking into the venue for this show I had no idea what to expect. Coming from someone who only knows “the hits,” I have to say that I was sure I’d enjoy myself but wasn’t aware of how much. As the band took the stage, the echoes of excited screams filled the room.

This is the first event I have ever gone to that I wished I had ear plugs, specifically for the fan noise. Once the set started I stood there kind of taking it all in…the music, the people and just everything as a whole. The thing I found myself most focused on was the crowd and them singing every single word back. After the first couple of songs I made sure to bring my focus back to the band.

The talent that each member brought to the table was new to me in a refreshing way. Aside from Andrew Hozier-Byrne and his captivating voice and lyrics, there were women sharing the stage and each one brought something different to the table. There were some that provided lovely backup vocals and others who provided snapping and clapping, all of which helped create music like I’ve never heard before.

There was one song that stood out the most: “Almost (Sweet Music).” As soon as it started, the entire room started doing this clap/snap combo and I was completely mesmerized. Not a single beat was missed and it was one of the most amazing crowd experiences I’ve ever witnessed. I almost felt left out for not knowing but I was more than okay with looking around the room at the happiness with a giant smile on my face.

The best part for me personally was the final song of the evening. “Work Song” starts and, much like the rest of the night, everyone is singing along and swaying to the music and I finally got my chance to be a part of that. I have learned that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone and go see someone you might not otherwise. This was an incredible show for many reasons and I am certain that I would go again if given the opportunity.

Check out photos from the show right down below:

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