Bonnie X Clyde at Elektricity

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Bonnie X Clyde stopped by Elektricity Nightclub in Pontiac, Michigan as part of their Tears In Paradise tour. The duo, comprised of Daniel Litman and Paige Lopynski, is an up-and-coming pair of DJ’s from Virginia who are still finding their niche in the EDM scene.

The show kicked off just after midnight, when the artists took the main stage. High-energy, upbeat, synthpop and house music flooded the speakers all night, with dazzling visuals cascading behind them. The BXC set featured popular tracks like Bass Jam, Love Is Killing Me, and Another You, a newer song from their upcoming album.

What struck me the most is when they invited a rambunctious, shirtless fan to come up on stage and help them play some music. I was not sure who loved the situation more — the fan, or the crowd. All night, BXC succeeded at engaging the crowd, sometimes jumping down on the lower portion of the stage to interact with the fans or pose for photos.

All in all, Bonnie X Clyde put on an entertaining performance, and even stopped to hang out with some fans after the concert concluded. Having left after 2:30am, I was thoroughly exhausted, but it was completely worth it. I will definitely be seeing Bonnie X Clyde again when they return to Michigan.

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