Carlile at Chop Shop

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Wow – pleasantly surprised. Very talented young lady opened up on a subdued, almost sneaky note and then really opened herself up to us by the third song. “…living in a dream…” she sings, as the clapping and rhythmic beats made everyone take notice. She has a great look and the sounds are so interesting. Don’t get me wrong, interesting here is a good thing. I had this urge that at the end of each song, I would have wanted her to continue.

The crowd seemed to reflect my feelings, quiet, almost pensive, head and shoulder nodding. All of it worked great – like candy for my ears. Looking forward to the release of her music as Carlile – since all I could find was her music as Emily Nichols.

A little digging reveals material in a variety of places: SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp, Spotify and her Facebook (@thisiscarlile). Go ahead and give this track “Circus” a twirl, and get a small sample of what this talented, up and coming Chicago artist can do.

(RIYL: Milk & Bone)

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