Cold War Kids at The Majestic Theatre

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When I entered the venue, I wasn’t sure how many people or what type of crowd would be inside the doors. I was pleased (and a little surprised since it was a Tuesday night) to see a full house with one of the most diverse crowds I’ve seen in awhile. The Majestic Theatre was full of people of all ages coming together to enjoy the indie rock sound that Cold War Kids has perfected.

They opened the set with their hit ‘Love Is Mystical’ from their album LA DIVINE. Surprisingly, Nathan (the lead singer) didn’t have a tambourine on him like most of us were expecting. He still had an infectious energy that immediately got the attention of the entire room. Next was my favorite of theirs, ‘Miracle Mile’. The high energy of the song made me want to dance along with the crowd, but unfortunately that isn’t too acceptable in the photo pit. Despite not being able to dance, I thoroughly enjoyed how relaxed the whole band was during the entire performance.

After setting his guitar down and playing a few chords on the piano for ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’, Nathan brought out the maracas. These are without fail always a crowd pleaser. Despite the many different sounds and instruments played by the lead singer, the mood and energy of the room was consistently warm and inviting. While maneuvering through the crowd, I could tell Cold War Kids had a great fan base that simply just wanted to enjoy good music. Even though the room was packed with dancing fans, no one was shoving or trying to get closer. It was very refreshing.

Cold War Kids have been around for 15+ years now, and their music continues to speak to many different groups of people. Listen to their album “New Age Norms 1” and their new “Strings & Keys” EP!

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