Interview: Bethany Home

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Often described as indie/emo, four-piece band Bethany Home has a simple, one-line bio: your mom’s favorite band from Mesa, AZ.  If your mom is into bands like Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, then this is, in fact, the band for her.

Prior to forming in January 2021, three of the four members—Alton, Jaden, and Daniel—were playing together in different bands, and when the guys met guitarist Cameron, they decided to officially start the group and began recording and touring the Southwest.

If there’s anything I’ve gathered from the guys, it’s that they like to keep it simple and just want to play music, indicated by their succinct, straight to the point responses.

What are they looking forward to?  Merely writing music, releasing music, and touring.  I can appreciate it because, really, what else is there?

What keeps them motivated to write music, release music, and tour?  “It’s just fun to write and play our songs.  We all love it and feel like we’re all extremely passionate about it.”  Again, what other motivation do you need?

“What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a band?” I asked.

“Don’t ever stop playing.”


Bethany Home plays Valley Bar in Phoenix on July 5th.

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