Interview: Sorry X

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“I’m in my villain arc, bad bitch era,” says Phoenix based solo artist and musician Sorry X, who got started singing “sad girl stuff” into an $80 microphone in her living room on GarageBand for the emo rap scene.  And while language like “villain, bad bitch, sad, emo” along with a streak of break-up songs running through her catalog can conjure particular ideas or impressions, Sorry X is, in fact, a positive and inspiring force.

“I want to write more songs that get people excited or make them feel confident.  I want to inspire people to pursue their passions or just give them some reassurance to keep going.  I love performing and getting to meet fans so much.  I also love bringing the ideas in my head to life and seeing them actually play out.  I love to see how everything evolves.  I have so much to look forward to!
She’s a self-described “anti-genre” musician blending post-hardcore, hip hop, nu metal, pop punk, and hyperpop, and she simply labels her music as alternative for the sake of ease.  Inspiration comes to her in many forms, whether by people in her life, traveling, concerts, video games, or fashion, and her creative process doesn’t follow a specific pattern.  Sometimes she’ll wait to hear a guitar riff or melody and build upon that, other times she’ll get a concept in her head and ask her producer Jake to help flesh it out.
“I always love the moment I write a song that I know is my new favorite because it feels like a rush!”
In addition to the rush Sorry X feels when writing a new favorite song, motivation also transpires in the connection she feels with her fans.
“I see the kind messages, and I meet fans who tell me what my music means to them.  I have so many awesome friends, producers, and musicians around me who recognize what I offer and continue to motivate me.  It helps remind myself that my artistry is valid, and I deserve to take up space.”
Sorry X performs September 1 at Valley Bar in Phoenix.
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