Morgan Saint at The Neptune Theatre

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Walking into The Neptune Theatre all by itself sets the mood. The crowd is loud and chatty, excited for the evening’s event. The lights dimmed, drums and keyboard rang out, and Morgan came on ready to rock us.

Her tag was out on her Harley tee and her calf high socks and camo Nikes were only a precursor to the intimacy of this show. Morgan didn’t just sing for us, she sang to us.

Down on her knees, face to face, we were just hanging out spilling our guts about all our shitty exes. She really felt every song, and we felt it too.

That raspy whispery voice you love on her tracks came through beautifully on stage, and while she seemed to find her voice a little later on in the set, she really gave all the right vibes in the right places.

Before one of her newer songs ‘Glass House,’ she sat down in stage and asked the audience to quiet down for this one.

“It’s a really fucked up situation,” she explained to us, “but I wrote a song about it.”

She continued to voice the beginning of the song from her knees, standing only for the chorus. “If I told you I was broken would you love me still?”

We still love you Morgan!

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