Rival Sons at The Neptune Theatre

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There was a distinct tension in the air, bass pounding through my whole body, the heart of the creature on the backdrop slowly glowing and shaking more and more. The anticipation was killing me. Finally, the lights shifted, Rival Sons came out on stage, and the tension dissolved. It was visceral.

Formed in 2009 in Long Beach, California, Rival Sons is a rock band that completely epitomizes the genre of classic rock. Everything, from the music to the fans to the excessive amount of rings to the onstage presence, harkens back to a time when this music was ragingly popular. I found that captivating. They performed after the Saskatoon-based band The Sheepdogs’ played their equally engaging set. The venue was packed. Every square inch, from the balcony to the bar, people stood pressed up against one another. No one seemed to care, which I think speaks to the ride or die mentality that many of the fans seemed to possess.

I noticed one remarkable thing throughout the evening. The crowd was so connected—almost completely in sync. Everyone screamed, clapped and put their hands up at the same time. I felt myself get really roped into this. It was such a magnetizing force.

As I stood there listening to a melodic yet rhythmic guitar solo, and as I watched as people across all ages danced around together, I felt so grateful to be in this moment of time when everyone was able to get together, put aside their differences, and just listen to some rock music. Everything about the experience was so clear and unmistakable.

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