Art vs Science at Lincoln Hall

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June 5 in Chicago was a particularly toasty night, and what awaited at Lincoln Hall was a venue full of craziness, lights, dorky humor and DANCING!

The venue full, the crowd young… which made for fun and unpredictable evening! Dan McNamee (styled Dan Mac), the very good showman he is, bounced around making kicks and at one point grabbed an audience member’s beer glass to use it as a slide on his guitar. Dan Williams, the drummer, is somewhat of a beast! His beats were heavy, booming and full of force which got everyone pumped. Jim Finn rounds out the lineup by being super charismatic and high energy. Simply put, the fun never stops while watching these three.

The crowd was rowdy and loyal. Many recognized, and sang along with, the songs causing them to erupt roaring and whistling right from the beginning. Art vs Science arrived with an overly impressive lighting rig which definitely added to the atmosphere and electricity in the air. All in all, a fantastic show. And to be honest, this was a classic case of the opener completely surpassing expectations and outshining other acts. I mean, it’s not poetry, or even intelligent, but it’s an undeniably fun time. If they roll in through your town they are worth checking out!

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