Big Wild at Showbox SoDo

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What can I say about Big Wild at the Showbox SoDo? What a night!

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of Jackson Stell, aka Big Wild, before venturing to the venue for this live experience of his electronic stylings. But within a matter of seconds I, along with the audience, was pulled into his audible message of positivity and love. Big Wild brought back that long lost summer feeling to the cold Pacific Northwest. Smiles grew across the crowds’ faces as hips began to sway. It was time to dance the night away. Big Wild’s fantastic blend between upbeat dance and melodic electro, combined with the—literally—sparkling performers on stage was everything we needed to float in a perfect harmony.

Some DJ-types stand behind their ‘tables’ and flashy light shows, which in all honestly and no discredit to them, can be an exhilarating and passion-driving experience. But Big Wild is not your typical electronic DJ. It was clear that he was going to be part of the show. Not just some figure in the background.

Instead of some standard beats and synths, we were presented with a most terrific engagement of live drumming, a fully-sequin’d guitarist and amazing singing. Big Wild was with us leading everybody—and every body—in the Showbox with his energy, running from left to right throughout the show. And his drumming! It draws you into this open and wide soundscape of rhythm of which you don’t stand a chance of leaving. Really though, you cannot stand still at this show! I mean, who doesn’t get the sense of trancing through space and making best friends with your neighboring concertgoer when listening to “6’s to 9’s” or “Maker”?

For one glorious night we escaped the monotony of our daily life’s and spent a few hours traveling through space spirals of color with amazing beats and guitar riffs.

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