The Dead South at Showbox SoDo

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The Dead South performed at the Showbox SoDo on Thursday night as they make their way through the PNW with Elliot Brood as their opener. Both bands were relatively new to me, but from the moment you walked into the venue you couldn’t help but be in a good mood. The place was packed with people of all ages and walks of life, there to enjoy each other’s company and some damn good music.

Elliot Brood started the night out with some bluegrass originals. From the harmonica to the banjos, it was music that made you want to sway and move even if you didn’t know the words. People were swing dancing; others were head banging and it all vibed well with the music. Elliot Brood was the perfect opener to a much-loved band like The Dead South.

When The Dead South came on stage, the crowd erupted.

The backdrop looked like an old church with stain glass windows and the lighting and special effects set the mood for the performance brilliantly. This was a talented band that clearly knew how to keep their audience entertained from the first to last note. I found it unique that all of the band members were not only incredible musicians but also brought something special to the show vocally. They had strangers hugging, people clapping and singing along and a smile on just about everyone’s face throughout the entire show.

In all, the night was amazing and I’ll be keeping tabs on both Elliot Brood and The Dead South for the next time they’re within driving distance. Check them out online but you’re missing out if you don’t get out and see them live!

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