City and Colour at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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After a month of touring through the US, Dallas Green’s solo project, City and Colour, returned to Canada for his first show back on home soil since the pandemic began.

Setting the tone for the evening, Green stepped on stage to a simple set-up of guitars, area rugs, and a few chandeliers hanging overhead, creating a casual and intimate experience in the large Queen Elizabeth Theater. It was the perfect set-up for the audience to swoon over Green’s emotional lyrics and stunning vocals, engaging on a heart level.

With such honest, raw, and insightful lyrics, it’s easy for people to have deep personal connections with Green’s music. In between every song, you’d hear at least one person shouting out “I love you”, “you saved me” or “we need you”, and without fail the rest of the audience would cheer and nod in agreement.

Sharing stories throughout the evening, Green looked back on ‘Hello, I’m in Delaware’ with special fondness and a deeply sincere appreciation for this moment on stage.

“Written as a kid, this song is very old. I was confused, emotional and didn’t know how to deal with it, so I wrote a song. I’ve been doing that ever since. Singing now, after such a long time, it’s all I’ve ever done… I just can’t thank you enough for letting me come up here and sing these songs. So thank you.”

Rounding out the paired-down acoustic set, long-time friend and instrumentalist, Matt Kelly, joined Green on stage throughout the night. At times the show felt especially intimate with everyone singing together. During ‘The Girl’, the audience emphatically sang along, which garnered some wide smiles from Green. It was here that it felt as if the audience was the third voice of the show.

At the end of the evening, and with some encouragement from Green, the crowd took on a full verse of ‘Lover Come Back’  flawlessly.  It was such a beautiful way to end the evening, singing together, once again.

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