Eric Hutchinson at House of Blues Chicago

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Skype Moments is helping bring fans closer to artists with their Ones To Watch program. Recently, Skype connected with Lost In Concert to highlight some of the Ones To Watch artists. Eric Hutchinson is one of the aforementioned  artists—and for good reason!

I don’t care if you’ve had the crappiest day ever. Once the curtain draws and Eric takes the stage with his band your worries just melt away. We all go to shows for different reasons. Some to escape the day. Some to celebrate how music can make life more beautiful. Some to move, groove, rock it out and sing along. Some to be wowed by a spectacle of lighting and sound. Well, whether you know it or not, if you’re going to see Eric Hutchinson you’re in for all of the above.

His feel-good originals with a dash of upbeat covers are performed with the highest quality of showmanship and passion. This band is all about the fans. Not just because they play what people love to hear. No, no. This is next generation fan inclusion. Eric keeps connected to the fans through Twitter and even made some shout outs to some of the super fans in the crowd. One lucky girl even got to join him on stage and ‘attempt’ to sing along. Must have been some stage fright in her because she slipped up on some of the lyrics. To which Eric commented to the audience, “Not as easy as it looks..” with a smile and laugh. It was a great night for everyone.

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