Family of the Year at The Neptune Theatre

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Indie folk band and international sensation Family of the Year visited the Neptune Theatre on Wednesday night, bringing together six adept musicians, a pile of instruments, and a sea of smiling faces, fervent to hear the compiled sounds and layered melodies that make Family of the Year so unique and sonically intriguing.

Playing for a packed house, they took the stage at 8:27 as folks jostled their way towards the front.  Not much could be said for their relative moving and shaking on stage – as acoustic guitars and keyboards don’t generally lend a sense of abandon – but their harmonies and lyrical stylings are arguably more captivating; vocal responsibilities are shared and thoughtfully collaborative, with an evolution plainly seen in their 2012 sophomore album Loma Vista, which includes their blockbuster single “Hero.” Finally addressing the audience into the fourth song, keyboardist/vocalist Christina Schroeter shouted, “Thank you guys for coming out! AWOLNATION is the shit, and we’re super psyched to see what the fuck is about to happen. We got some new songs!” The endearing, overall personality of FotY filled the Neptune, with a 45 minute set that ended with “Hero,” as everyone and their mother recorded it onto their phone.

Family of the Year is currently touring in support of AWOLNATION’s Run Tour, playing a clutch of shows together as they crisscross the US. Hopefully soon they can find some breathing room, and time enough to add another album onto their eclectic shelf.

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