G Jones at Royal Oak Music Theater

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EDM bass producer G Jones visited Royal Oak, Michigan on his North American leg of the Paths tour.

G Jones, whose real name is Greg, specializes in producing a unique blend of “mental minesweeper” music, composed mainly of breakcore, acid house, electronica, dubstep, grime and trap.

Following a couple opening acts from the likes of Mala, Saka, and Sayer, G Jones finally took the stage around 10:30pm. The set started off slowly and gradually picked up as the night progressed. One thing that was especially captivating to me was G Jones’ visuals on the screens behind him. Composed mainly of subtle black and images, the simplicity was quite amazing, and actually photographed really well!

Among the tracks G Jones played early on were Too Far Gone, Familiar Frontiers and Maybe; all popular songs off the Paths album. Banging back and forth on a soundboard and keyboard, the artist almost certainly knew that fans were hypnotized by his music, and he kept that energy up all night long.

With about 45 minutes left in the show, G Jones did something that I have never seen at a concert before… He played a live DJ set! This was especially popular with the fans, including myself.

As the night drew to a close, a bunch of happy EDM fans left the venue, feeling satisfied with the great music they had heard all night long.

All in all, I highly advise going to see G Jones at least once in your lifetime, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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