Half Alive at Hollywood Theatre

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Half.Alive’s performance at the Hollywood Theatre flew under the radar of most music fans in the city; we are very thankful it didn’t fly under ours. Headlining for the first time in Vancouver, the Long Beach trio pulled out all the stops to deliver a well-produced show that would rival that of any big artist at a larger venue.

The crowd had gathered on a Sunday night to sing and dance to the music of Half.Alive, but even before they took to the stage the fans, full of anticipation, had enough energy and love to share with opening act Daisy the Great. Not all opening bands get as much appreciation as Daisy the Great did, a testament to the band’s talent, likable members, and the crowd’s readiness to have a great night.

By the time Half.Alive took to the stage we were all warmed up and ready to go; we were all in for a hell of a show. From the first song of the set to the last, the band put on a high-energy well-produced spectacle that elevated their indie-pop music. The entire performance was an incredible combination of lights, sound, dance, poetry, and art that left most of us wonderstruck the entire night.

It was clear that the band had been very intentional with all their artistic choices, crafting a show that was passion-ridden. And while we would love to tell you our favourite things about the show—and trust us it would be hard to narrow down — we truly believe that Half.Alive’s tour should be experienced without any spoilers.

The fans can’t wait for the band to be back in Vancouver, and neither can we. Half.Alive’s tour is something you can’t miss. Make sure you catch them next time they come to town, we for sure will be there.

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