Interview: The Bellwethers

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We all really love creating and playing music together.  We’re fortunate to have such a tight-knit, talented group, and we really enjoy the camaraderie of being in a band with one another,” says Phoenix area alternative rock band The Bellwethers.  The group just released their third studio album Psychic Radio—produced by Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Andrew Colemanon September 15.

The band is rooted in blues with classic 70s influences—ranging from Pink Floyd to Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stonesand include “hints of psychedelia,” they describe. 


Formed in 2010, The Bellwethers play anywhere from dive bars to marquee venues with the likes of REO Speedwagon, the Fran Cosmo band (former members of Boston), and Don Felder (former guitarist for The Eagles), and they touch upon the intricate dynamics of relationships in their songwriting.  However, perhaps unlike many other acts, The Bellwethers travel into some fairly provocative territory with their work.

We return to themes reflecting on the perceptions and passage of time and the existential questions of self, the soul, and our place in the Universe.  Inspiration comes in all forms.  The challenge is to be open to receiving it.”


And when inspiration does arrive for the bandwhich can start as poetry, a melody, or a simple musical riffeach member adds and builds upon the idea.  

“A typical writing session involves all five of us contributing our unique individual talents and perspectives to the whole” they explained.  “Music is a communal experience.”


While music obviously revolves around writing songs, it’s “more than just creating tunes,” the band says.

To truly succeed, musicians need to understand the business side of the industry.  It’s imperative to arm yourself with the knowledge of all the moving parts in the machine in order to protect your intellectual property and manage your business.  Surround yourself with a trusted support team who believes in what you do.”  

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