Nicky MacKenzie at Commodore Ballroom

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To say the love for Nicky MacKenzie at the Commodore Ballroom was palpable, would be an understatement. From the moment the young artist opened her mouth to sing, the crowd was in the palm of her hand.

This singer-songwriter is undeniably talented. Known for her strong, jazzy vocals, Nicky started writing original music at a young age, incorporating her roots of folk and blues into catchy pop, soul, and R&B songs. After showcasing original songs like ‘FMK’ and ‘Come Back’, Nicky further showed off her vocal strength and soulfulness with a beautiful rendition of Etta James’ ‘I’d Rather Go Blind.’

Opening the night for Current Swell, Nicky fostered a number of new fans. At one point a man, walking past me, stopped dead in his tracks, and as if in a trance uttered, “Whoa.” Utterly mesmerized, he stood there for a moment, before continuing on to finding his seat. Moments like this, and artists like Nicky, are precisely why I will never miss an opening act. You never know if you’ll uncover a new favorite artist, just like ‘Whoa’ guy.

Nicky’s full-length album is available on every platform, but here’s a quick listen to one of my favorite Nicky MacKenzie songs to start you off.



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