Purity Ring at Metro

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After the brilliant opening set by Blue Hawaii I was really looking forward to Purity Ring taking the stage. One annoying hour later they did.

The audience cheered for each new song as they recognized the opening lines, but by the end of it more people were chatting to each other than trying to follow Megan James around in the ethereal white see-through dress (which, unfortunately for the guys, was worn over the top of thick grey stockings) as she tried a couple of times to get up on the speakers at the front of the stage.

I was reminded of M Night Shyamalan’s movie, The Village, where the community dressed like the Amish and there was an interesting twist at the end, but really, if you couldn’t see what was coming then you probably were too stoned to notice. That pretty much sums up the performance. An Amish looking red head stumbling blindly around and not really giving 100% to entertain you.

I couldn’t distinguish one song from another and left the Metro feeling a little cheated, like when the foreplay is great but the actual sex is pretty lame.

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