The Barr Brothers at Thalia Hall

Surrounded by the worn-out, yet comforting feeling of Thaila Hall, the Barr Brothers played a wonderful set. Imagine sitting in the outdoors, under a wood canopy in the misty evening. They come out and deliver beautiful music with a multitude of instruments. And then just when you think they can’t really bring in any more sounds, they use their voices to create harmonies that settle your soul.

It wasn’t clear if it was the personality of the crowd or the side effect of the bluesy-Americana, but it was very quiet and still on our side of the stage. Seemed like everyone was there to just listen and chill. The only ones standing were the bass player, the photographer and the bartender. And, truthfully, who wouldn’t love an hour sitting and listening to a guitar-strumming, harmonica-playing, sweet-song-singing, headband-wearing Indie Folk Americana rocker from Montreal?

My favorite: “You Would Have to Lose Your Mind.” Check it out…