The Fox & The Hounds at Subterranean

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Ripping away her hat to reveal long flowing blonde hair, The Fox & The Hounds lead singer, Kendel Lester, wastes no time letting you know she’s on stage and ready to work at least two, if not more, of your five senses. Gazing upon the skin-tight, tattered, burlesque-inspired dress it’s no wonder the subject matter in the songs to follow consists mainly of temptation and mystery, but definitely not regret. I have never been suffocated with passion quite like this.

While The Fox & The Hounds are most certainly not your next American Idol, their sultry rock riffs coupled with soft opera symphonic breaks provide an ambiance to reveal three things they love: booze, sex and rock. During their performance, the songs battled between genres of rock and softer provocative jazz. There were points a song would be rocking and rolling along, but the slower, more complex breaks are where they truly succeed in creating a sound they can own. For me, the deepest connections were made through these vocally empowered stretches that moved at a more endearing pace.

As any band in their early years, The Fox & The Hounds have a ways to go. I’m happy to see their passion, but I’m happier to see them trying to make something original. I’m happiest of all to see their love for the live performance.

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