The Kills at Commodore Ballroom

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The Kills crushed it at the Commodore. I’ll admit off the bat, I’m biased. The Kills are one of my favourite bands and I’ve got a crush on both Alison and Jamie. But believe me when I say this was one of my favourite shows I’ve ever been to.

They came fucking strong out of the gate, putting on a high energy performance with the crowd returning the vibes: Alison walking in circles like a cat stalking prey, twirling across the stage, moving like she was going to make love to that mic stand, it all had me shaking my hips and hair around like no other girl ever has.

The Kills are louder and grungier, and even more bad-ass live than they are recorded, especially when it comes to their latest album, God Games. The duo played an even split from their previous work and God Games, playing something off every album they’ve released together.

Jamie + Alison were bad ass, sexy and fun on stage together, their sweet friendship, evident throughout the show, made the night that much more enjoyable – like spending the evening with two old friends. It felt like they were at ease, just jamming out and having fun on stage. When Jamie had a few slips, from a miss-start, a time when eye contact and an inside “telepathic” joke with Alison made him stop playing, and then when he was rocking so hard he stumble, stepping on a pedal; Each time they laughed together, restarted, or in one case, Alison figured they’d played most of the song, suggesting they move on, in reply to which the crowd cheered encouragingly, in on the moment.

To finish off the show, as The Kills said good night to the crowd, an arm around each other and Alison kissing Jamie on the cheek, fans showered them with pink roses, which Alison stopped to pick up a bundle of as she worked her way off stage. Needless to say this was one of the best Tuesday nights: walking away with a rose, a concert tee, and a signed record, I’ll be seeing them again as soon as I can.

Ps. Bullet Sound was my fav song of the night, go take a listen.

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