The Marías at The Novo

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On the final stop of their Cinema tour, The Marías delivered a dreamy and enticing performance that captivated their audience at The Novo in Los Angeles, California. The psychedelic indie band consisting of lead singer María Zardoya, drummer Josh Conway, guitarist Jesse Perlman, and bassist Edward James who came together and created a hypnotic sound with traces of Jazz, Latin Pop, and Soul.

The show opened with a heartwarming introduction from Conway’s father, followed by a warm welcome from the enthusiastic audience. As the band took their places on stage, the album’s lead off instrumental track, “Just a Feeling” further built anticipation throughout the crowd. Once they settled down and the band was ready to start, they transitioned into “Calling U Back”, an upbeat opener that set the mood for the rest of the show. As the night progressed, they continued to impress the audience with their outstanding musical talents as well as their ambience and captivating presence. The band had an enjoyable setlist

including a spectacular cover of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time”

Throughout the show, The Marías continued to please the crowd with their unique sound. The contrast of Zardoya’s soft and entrancing voice with her bandmate’s lower backup vocals was alluring. The crowd was also loving their constant switching of languages from English to Spanish.

Zardoya’s meaningful introductions explained her personal connections to select songs which created an emotional bond between her and the audience. Her enchanting slow movements as well as soft smiles as she met eyes with fans in the front row added to the unifying, dreamy sound and atmosphere in The Novo. The crowd was deeply invested in the performance—their sways and cheers consistent in their energy and excitement.

The Marías stage presence was truly engrossing, in addition to the timely lighting effects that kept the audience drawn in. The switches from colors relating to the moods of certain songs, and the spotlights during solos all played a part in the overall flow of the performance. The performance also featured trumpet solos where the lights would dim and focus on the statement instrument and its powerful presence within the band’s music.

The Marías are an exceptional band that are undoubtedly full of talent. From their enchanting music to their dreamy performance, the band truly put on an extraordinary show, which was equally received by and reciprocated through the crowd’s behavior throughout the show.

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