Yuna at Lollapalooza 2012

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The shade. A blanket from the falling sun. It’s holding us close preparing a world within for us to escape from everything around. The fights, the arguments, the wrong doings. The hope, the wishing, the dreams. Here, there’s room to stretch out and feel the grass brushing the back of your neck. To listen while you helplessly tap your foot or bob your head.

Yuna may only be 25 years old, but when you really consider the audience that needs her message the most I only hope they hear it. She sang songs about her tales in gaining wisdom. Sometimes smiling and sometimes a look of longing, Yuna only knows how to tell it just as it was meant to be heard. The yearning. The love. The whimsical conviction. The mint green pants!

Seriously though, her mint green pants are the perfect icing to her style. Magenta-cherry lips affixed in the center of her tanned face and bright green, blue and magenta turban. The white top only adding to the airiness of having Lake Michigan directly behind her.

Although short-lived for me live, I can’t get Yuna out of my head. The idea that, ‘yea we mess up sometimes and put our trust in the wrong people, but shit’s gonna be OK cause you’re life is about what you choose to do every single day.’ If you haven’t felt like that recently then I suggest checking out Yuna’s self-titled album. The last three tracks win it for me. Enjoy! But most importantly, never stress.

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